Sarah Bance, Executive Director

Sarah was born and raised in the Peninsula and loves the Bay Area with all of her heart. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Sarah took her first postgraduate job as a Behavior Therapist, working 1:1 with children on the Autistic spectrum in various settings such as classrooms, homes, after school programs and summer camps. This was an eye-opening opportunity as it allowed her to experience many extracurricular programs first-hand, where she saw a significant deficit in support and understanding for children of differing needs.

Two years into the job, she was aiding at Bald Eagle Sports Camp, where she saw something different. She saw coaches who went out of their way to attend to every single child who needed it and focused on positive reinforcement. She saw games that called for teamwork and allowed for any child to be to the victor, not just the athletes. She saw a camp where kids who often get left out finally have a chance to play the games and feel good about themselves. Sarah had to get involved. She readily jumped into Bald Eagle Sports Camps, offering whatever it took to expand this messaging and mission. She is passionate about providing an inviting environment for all children to have fun, stay active, and gain confidence!