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The mission of Bald Eagle Sports Camps is to provide youth with Development Zones that teach leadership skills through sports activities. In just our 10th year we have crystallized the company vision of becoming the nations top K-12th grade system of activities and experiences built with the end goal of producing confident, positive, contributing leaders of the future. We believe sports is the perfect medium for kids to learn and experience leadership as you grow from age 5 to 18, so we are building a Development Zone System of activities that will never stop improving and expanding. Bald Eagle Camps takes a number of avenues to create the perfect culture that allows children to develop as leaders while giving them a safe and fun place to play. First, we teach the Positive Coaching Alliance message to our campers, certify our entire staff as PCA Double Goal Coaches, and plug parents into the PCA support system.

Secondly, we design all of our programs, games and activities to make every camper feel included, encouraged and inspired to be their best. Finally, we take extreme measures to deliver our programs in a manner that facilitates our campers to tangibly experience being a leader. We don’t just tell them what leadership is, we let them live it. We offer all of this in a “5-STAR” service package which sets us apart from every other youth organization in America. This tri-fold approach creates a palpable culture at Bald Eagle that you and your children will feel the moment you attend one of our events. As the first ever Positive Coaching Alliance Approved Camp, we aim to instill the qualities of a Triple Impact Competitor into each individual. The real benefit of those traits aims to help youth compete against the challenges in life and on the playing field. 

The researched and proven methods designed by Positive Coaching Alliance are deeply embedded in every offering at Bald Eagle Camps. We teach the Mastery Approach to Learning where success is achieved through maximum effort, an attitude of learning, and freedom from the fear of mistakes. The umbrella fitness goal of every Bald Eagle Camp, Clinic, or Training is to have fun and find success in life-time activities. Every coach and staff member associated with Bald Eagle Camps has been trained in the Positive Coaching Alliance (www.positivecoach.org) methods of creating an optimal culture for youth. We feel that overall healthy development is directly related to positive feedback, guidance, support, friendship, mentoring, and genuine interaction with their peers. 


Bob & Glenda McFarlane are the Founders of Bald Eagle Sports Camps.  "Coach Bob" is also a Certified PCA Trainer who leads workshops for athletes, coaches & parents. Recently named a PCA Development Zone Leadership Fellow, Bob is passionately committed to spreading the PCA message. Through Bald Eagle, he is pioneering new methods of teaching the complete PCA message to elementary and middle school students by creating local Development Zones. Bob believes the principles of PCA can help athletes see an avenue to reach their potential, help parents more successfully support their children, and help youth sports organizations create a more positive culture. 

Bob grew up in Saratoga and graduated from Saratoga High School in 1987. He received his BA in Kinesiology and Teaching Credential in 1994 from Chico State University. In 2004 he obtained a second Credential and Masters Degree in Special Education from Santa Clara University. Bob has over 35 years of coaching experience at the youth, high school, and college levels, including 3 years as an Assistant at Chico State. Bob recently resigned as the Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Los Altos High School so he can focus on raising his children, spending time with his wife and growing quality youth programs.

Bob has been a high school PE and Special Education teacher for 23 years, currently in his 18th year at Los Altos High School. He is also the founding Faculty Advisor for 2 Student Clubs at LAHS, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and the student spirit BLUE CREW clubs.

A colleague describes Bob by saying “he has a unique way of connecting with youth quickly, in a deep and personal way, while at the same time inspiring them to get the most out of themselves”.

Bob is the 6th of 7 children and an uncle 18 times. He feels overwhelmingly blessed to have such a tight-knit family of 36 who live predominantly in the San Jose area. Bob lives in Mountain View with his wife Glenda, daughter Ella, sons Mac & Nate, and yellow lab Kona. You can’t miss him driving the kids and dog in his 1972 topless GMC Jimmy (Chevy Blazer) with the license plates “GO BALD”. Bob works very hard but enjoys life, loves his family to death, and laughs a lot. He frequently jokes about how great his hair looks.

With over 25 years of experience working with youth, Bob is an anchor in the local basketball and education community. He is excited about founding the First Ever PCA Approved Camp and expanding that concept into year round offerings. He’s honored to provide parents with an option to submerge their child in a PCA driven K-12th grade system of teaching leadership through sports activities.

Pictured here with his beautiful wife Glenda in the first year they opened Bald Eagle Sports Camps!

You may contact Coach Bob directly at any time

(888) 505-BALD(2253)