Positive Coaching Alliance

Bald Eagle Camps is proud to be the FIRST official youth camp specifically built around the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance and the aim to develop Triple-Impact Competitors. PCA was founded by Jim Thompson in 1998 at Stanford University. It’s mission is to “Transform the Culture of Youth Sports, so Sports Can Transform Youth”. The Advisory Board for PCA is a “who’s who” in the world of athletics, littered with professional coaches from the pro’s to college, Olympic level medalists, and Hall Of Fame athletes in every arena. Their national spokesperson is Phil Jackson, head coach of the Los Angleles Lakers, and they hold offices in most major metropolitan areas across the country. PCA has been recognized as one of the top organizations in the country having a massive positive effect on the youth of our nation.

Below is an outline of the PCA messaging incorporated into each element of our camp system. To find out more about Positive Coaching Alliance, check out their website at www.positivecoach.org


We at Bald Eagle Sports Camps believe fully in the movement and mission of PCA and have proven that it's messaging coupled with our well designed camp system creates a phenomenal Development Zone for youth to be positively transformed. The stories from parents over the years are what inspires us to continue improving and expanding our programs until we are widely considered, far and away, the best youth Sports Camp in the nation.

Below you can review the TIC message we teach at every camp along with some reasons why every coach associated with our camp is a PCA Certified Double Goal Coach.

Triple-Impact Competitors:

A Triple-Impact Competitor makes self, teammates, and the game (or life) as a whole better.

  1. SELF
    • Personal Mastery
      Provides a way to navigate inevitable setbacks that are inherent to sports and life.
    • Cultivate a Teachable Spirit
      Like a sponge they soak up anything that will make them better.
    • Effort
      They understand that effort over time will make them better, so they give their best effort every time. They develop a Mistake Ritual to grow the ability to bounce back from mistakes quickly.
  2. TEAM
    • Encouragement
      TIC’s make their teammates better by filling their Emotional Tanks when they need it (and most of us need it a lot of the time)
    • Perspective
      They have a mature understanding of the Window and the Mirror. They appropriately look through the Window to help teammates get better, and into the Mirror to take responsibility for their own shortcomings.
    • Leadership
      This habit of making people around you better is called “Leadership”, a much misunderstood term. Leadership is not just for team captains, and is not about telling people what to do. Leadership is about making other people better, and Triple-Impact Competitors are Leaders.
  3. GAME or LIFE
    • Honor
      With the ROOTS acronym as a memory aid, TIC’s show respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self.
    • Aspiration
      The problems of youth sports and our world will be largely resolved when the Triple Impact Competitor model becomes the dominant aspirational model for youth. Widespread adherence to this model can erode – perhaps eradicate—such ills as use of performance enhancing drugs, win at all cost behavior, and cheating to get ahead in life.
    • Identity
      It requires that high school and youth athletes take on this model as part of who they are. When confronted by the temptation to cut corners or cheat or disrespect others, they must say to themselves, “I am a Triple-Impact Competitor. What would a Triple-Impact Competitor do in this situation?”
    • Right Thing
      In the end they do what is right, not because it will be rewarded or punished for acting badly. But because a Triple-Impact Competitor is part of who they are, and they want to live up to their higher self.
    • We believe that TIC’s would:
      • Not sling mud at each other in politics
      • Not economically exploit one another or less powerful people
      • Not spoil the environment to make a buck
      • Lead a life that helps others and our world

This is the type of person we are trying to build at Bald Eagle Camps and Positive Coaching Alliance. We aim to give each camper a foundation in what it means to be a Triple Impact Competitor, and tools to help them live it out.

To find out more about the expansion of the PCA Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Program in Northern California, click here.

What is a Certified Double Goal Coach?

Certified DGC’s have gone through a two hour training run by a Positive Coaching Alliance Certified Trainer. They model encouragement and relate to players in a positive and uplifting manner, putting the person first and the sport second.  Founder and Executive Director Bob McFarlane is a PCA trainer who leads workshops for athletes, coaches, parents and administrators.

* A Win-At-All-Cost coach has only one goal: to win. He or she is concerned primarily with teaching skills and developing strategy designed to win games, not to teach life lessons through athletics.

* A Positive Coach also wants to win but has a second goal: to help players develop positive character traits, so they can be successful in life. Winning is important, but the second goal, helping players learn life lessons, is more important. A Positive Coach puts players first.