The depth and impact of the bald eagle Leadership Training system is second to none.  along with our excellent staff development & TRAINING, all coaches are Certified as a Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach.

Bald Eagle Camps offers four different coaching opportunities to be a part of our Leadership Training System.  

Director (salary), Head Coach (hourly/stipend), Assistant Coach (hourly/stipend), Coach In Training (volunteer)

Click HERE to read the job descriptions and pay for each position

New applicants for positions of Director, Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Coach In Training (CIT) should fill out the appropriate link below.  Our HR Director will contact you shortly regarding your application and possible interview.  You can contact us via email, team@baldeaglecamps.com if you have any questions or want to follow up regarding your submitted application.

**All Director & Coach positions are filled for the summer of 2018 and applications are closed.  Most applications for summer are evaluated and hired in Feb & March so visit us earlier next year to apply.  Thank you for your interest in Bald Eagle Sports Camps.


**All 2018 Summer CIT program positions are filled for our Los Altos location, but we still have room at Fremont & Los Gatos ONLY. We will not be checking and responding to applicants who only select Los Altos, but welcome your application otherwise.  In many instances we can set up ride sharing for CIT's who live in the LA general vicinity with other qualified coaches, so parents don't have to commute their CIT to LG or Fremont.


Current Bald Eagle coaches looking to be scheduled can fill out the link below and then follow up with an email to team@baldeaglecamps.com to insure your application is reviewed in a timely manner.


*NOTE:  NEW or RETURNING COACHES need a WORK PERMIT (only if under age 18)

Print a copy of the Work Permit then have it filled out by your school before returning a scanned copy/photo of the document to team@baldeaglecamps.com

Directions and details related to your application, submitting work permits, our hiring timelines and process, or FAQ’s will be outlined in a response email you’ll receive once your application has been reviewed.

Thank you for your interest in Bald Eagle Sports Camps!