Summer Coach In Training Program

Premier Leadership Development Program for incoming 9th & 10th graders!

Out of Season


The CIT Program is full for the SUMMER of 2021 and applications are no longer being accepted. For next year please note that the application opens in February.

Come join the premier leadership development program in the Bay Area!  Incoming 9th and 10th graders have the unique opportunity to learn leadership skills through hands-on experiences and positive peer influencing!



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*PARENTS... please do not fill this out for your child. It's time for them to do it on their own, it is a leadership position after all. At the very most, sit with them while they fill it out. Please have them initiate ALL contacts with us via email, text or phone.  We want to treat this as if they were the one applying and responsible for the position, in every way (which they are :).


THE NEED: The visionary founder of Bald Eagle saw a desperate need in the community.  Incoming 9th and 10th graders are too young to get good jobs yet too old to attend most camps.  If they don't attend an Academic Class or Sport Specific Camp, their options are almost non-existent.  Parents, on the other hand, dread the thought of them sitting at home all summer with too much idle time. 

Daily Programming

THE PHILOSOPHY: Coach Bob, a high school teacher & coach of 25 years, saw this age range as a pivotal period where young teens needed something to help them "get their footing" before entering the fast lane to adulthood.  The Coach In Training Program was not only born out of that need but also Coach Bob's desire to maximize their opportunity for growth and trajectory as a future leader.  Coach Bob's passion & career experience has always targeted building teens into the leaders of tomorrow.  That passion instigated the design and continued enhancement of this outstanding program which fills to capacity every single summer.  CIT's are given a hands-on experience of leadership and employment, under the care and guidance of phenomenal mentors, elder peers, professional coaches & teachers that seek to help them evolve as quality young men and women.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Incoming 9th & 10th graders now have a program suited just for them that is a TON of fun yet builds a deep understanding of what it means to have a job, do it well and productively work with a team of co-workers.  All CIT's go through the Bald Eagle Coach Training System and also become Coach Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance.  Opportunities are provided to all CIT's to teach and lead young campers, support the paid coaching staff as well as take on job duties throughout the camp day.  Beyond hands-on work experience, the CIT experience is vast.  We have a CIT Curriculum but that is not all.  Each day the curriculum is coupled with all of the site wide Staff Development Lessons held at the start and end of each camp day.  On an ongoing basis each CIT will receive insights from the company Founder, daily direct feedback from the Site Directors, modeling and mentoring from the paid Head Coaches along with being submerged in a large group of high functioning, positive, ambitiously motivated peers. This is a powerful experience for a young person to have at such a formative time.  We teach kids how to not only work hard at their job, but to do it with passion, quality and positive energy.

They get free lunch and snacks every day as well as free Bald Eagle coaches gear, community service hours, the PCA Coach Certification and various other perks. (see other Benefits under Camp Info tab below). They are also invited to the end of summer Go Bald Coaches Picnic!

THE DISCLAIMER: This is an extremely popular program and we try to fit everyone in that we can, but there are no guarantees. Most CIT applicants who complete our application and interview process gets a first-hand chance to fit into our coaching staff by being scheduled for a minimum of 1 week.  During the interview process, the Training Days & when scheduled at camp, every CIT must be outgoing, helpful, take initiative, be relatively outspoken or willing to speak up as needed (wall-flowers aren't usually a good fit in this role), friendly, smiling, punctual, responsible and have a positive attitude.  If they don't meet the high standards of being a Bald Eagle coach, getting scheduled as a CIT beyond 1 week is not likely.  Certainly, we love all the CIT's who come into our program as they are always good kids who try hard and want to succeed. 

However, we also have a responsibility to our families, campers and paid coaching staff to sustain a high level of coaching quality on every campus.  Some of our CIT applicants simply aren't mature enough to meet that standard yet and need to get other experience elsewhere first.  Whether they get scheduled beyond 1 week or not, we are confident even being a CIT for a short period of time at Bald Eagle will benefit and grow their leadership skills significantly. 

We accept CIT's at the following locations each summer:

CIT applicants must be available to work a minimum of 2 sessions per summer, and expect to be scheduled for those sessions.  If they are available more than 2 weeks, they can choose their preferred weeks.  We do not schedule for partial weeks so they must be available Mon 7:30am-3:30pm and Tue-Fri from 8:00am-3:30pm. Top applicants can request to be scheduled more/all of sessions that they are available since many of our CIT's love the job and want to work all summer.   No guarantees of scheduling will be made beyond 1 week. 

CIT's are treated just like every coach on our staff and have duties throughout the day coaching kids and doing tasks to make camp function.  They are an equal member of the Bald Eagle Team and in no way are they given "grunt tasks" because they are not part of our paid staff.



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*Parents, please do not fill this out for your child. It's time for them to do it on their own, it is a leadership position after all. At the very most, sit with them while they fill it out. Please have them initiate ALL contacts with us via email, text or phone.  We want to treat this as if they were the one applying and responsible for the position, in every way (which they are :).

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Camp Info

Incoming COED 9th & 10th graders for the following school year.  Sessions run for 1 week at various locations.  Each weekly session is Mon-Fri and all coaches, including CIT's, are on campus from 8am (7:45 on Mondays) until 3:30pm.  No partial weeks are allowed.

Applicants must show a minimum availability of 2 weeks, but they can express a desire to work more weeks if they want.  All coaches accepted into the CIT program will be scheduled a minimum of 1 week, but only candidates who show maturity, contribution and positive impact will be scheduled for additional weeks. 


  • Los Altos  
    • Offered 6 consecutive weeks, 6/21-7/30, 2021
  • San Jose 
    • Offered 3 consecutive weeks, 6/14-7/2, 2021


Positive Coaching Alliance Certification as a Double Goal Coach

There is no fee to be a part of this program

This is a volunteer position to be a part of our coaching staff

Lunch and snacks are provided each day

Bald Eagle gear (shirts, hats, etc.) is also provided at no charge to each CIT

Siblings of CIT's get at 30% discount on camp fees for same weeks attended/worked, and FREE Extended Care.

At end of summer each CIT will receive a letter verifying their volunteer hours 

Verified work experience for future job/school/scholarship applications

Letter of Recommendation will be written upon request for future jobs/programs/universities applications

As incoming Juniors in high school, top CIT's will be offered paid positions in forthcoming summers as spots become available.

There is no guarantee of a paid position in future summers being offered.  We have a high retention rate and over 60 CIT's each year.  Only the most mature and well prepared CIT's will have a chance to work as a paid coach at Bald Eagle in future summers.


Not applicable.  This is a volunteer program.

Food and Drinks
Food and Drinks

Lunch and snacks are provided daily. CIT's need to bring their own filled water bottle.


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Coach Bob is the Founder & CEO of Bald Eagle Sports Camps. He has taught Special Ed and PE since 1995, currently at Los Altos HS. Coach Bob has over 25 years coaching experience from youth to collegiate, is a Certified Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer and holds two Credentials along with a Masters in Special Education.  In his 4 years as the Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Los Altos High School he led the Eagles to 2 SCVAL titles ('13,'14) and the schools first ever Central Coast Section Championship (2015). Recently named by PCA as a Development Zone Leadership Fellow, Coach Bob believes children should have a place to feel encouraged, included, cared for, safe from bullying, free from negativity and expected to have as much fun as possible. At the same time, children need direction on how to be their best person in every given moment.

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This is one of the premier Leadership Development opportunities in the entire Bay Area.  You will be a part of a fantastic staff of motivated leaders/mentors who will demonstrate and guide you how to have a positive impact in a worker capacity.  The job skills training and PCA Certifications alone are worth being a part of this program, let alone the comradery and relationships you will experience by being a part of this staff.

Also see the BENEFITS outlined on this page. 

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