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Bald Eagle stands against Sports Specialization in youth and we believe kids should be multi-sport athletes.  We've created a system where kids can engage in high-level basketball year-round without having to quit their traditionally in-season sports.  

The Bald Eagle Basketball Club allows players to advance their game 1-4 times a week all year, when it fits their schedule, through high-level coaching and competition.  We do this through Pro Coach Academy Training, Growth Leagues and AAU Teams.  


There is a massive void in the industry where skills are not being taught by Professional, high quality coaches.  Player development is suffering despite all the money being spent on "shiny things".

To be blunt, the typical Club or AAU Basketball program today is frequently misrepresented as some sort of "elite" level of play like it used to be.  The new reality is that 90% of the current AAU programs out there are nothing more than an overpriced recreation league.  

Outside of AAU, traditional Recreation Leagues are the other option.  Some are good, but ALL are hit-or-miss because they rely on volunteer coaches who typically lack experience and expertise.  

Entire seasons of development and passion for the game can be lost by putting kids in the wrong environment.


The Bald Eagle Basketball Club solves these issues with guaranteed Pro-Coaching and Expert Programming coupled with an empowering message from The Positive Coaching Alliance.  We include high repetitions and quality feedback in various formats of competition with annualized growth plans specific to their age, goals and current level of skill.

We build our programs and message to support varying interests from multi-sport athletes to sport-specialized basketball players.   We operate our seasons in the same Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer seasons so players can do as much or as little as they choose. 

We offer membership discounts when players sign up for an entire season whether they can make every session or not. We don't micromanage or make you feel bad if you can't attend a session.  It's a "come when it works for your family" expectation. 

At every event, we practice skill development and structured "part to whole" progressions that evolve into skill-specific competitions and game situations. 

This is EXACTLY the environment players need to develop & thrive, not just "more court time", but quality court time delivered by professional, expert coaches.


1. Pro Coach Growth Leagues (G-Leagues)

2. Pro Coach Academy Skills Training (Team Training Series, Small Group Training, Private Training, Camps)

3. Player Health (Physical/Mental/Emotional/Parental)

4. Entry AAU & Elite AAU Teams (Teams/age group; Tryout only)


Similar to the NBA model, Coach Bob designed a G-League concept so that youth players interested in developing their game could get quality training in a competitive environment for maximum GROWTH.  

Practice and Games on the same day.  The format includes a 45min Skills practice led by a Pro Coach followed by 45 minutes of various game formats (2v2,3v3,5v5, full, half, etc) with unique rules or stipulations to maximize growth, development and to create a perfectly balanced competitive environment.

The G-League design includes In-House Tournaments, Player Awards and Team Prizes.  We emphasize team culture, respect & inclusion in a highly active and sportsmanship-centered competitive environment. 

We offer the following G-League programs in both BOYS and GIRLS Divisions.  At times in certain sessions, we merge boys and girls to maximize the opportunity for growth or to manage enrollment.

To register for G-League you will need to go to the web page specifically for your age group.  Friends in the same grade range can stay together for skill work.  We change teams regularly for maximum quality variation, so we do not guarantee friends will always be on the same team during games but they will be playing each other if not on same team.  


Sundays:  March 3,10,17,24,31, April 14,21,28 (no 4/7) - 8 Weeks

Location: Los Altos High School Main & Auxiliary Gyms, 201 Almond Ave, Los Altos CA 94022

Checkin: All players check in daily at the Main Gym

Times: Visit your specific age group site LISTED BELOW for details & to register

*Some sessions will combine girls and boys for various segments as needed for a great experience.


*Out of season


*Out of season


*1.5hr sessions are 45min Pro Coach Led Skill Development with Asst Coach support, and 45min structured games with modified rules to create the optimal competitive and developmental learning environment. 

*The GL fills every season and it is not possible to add sessions once full.  We recommend and give deep discounts if you register for the whole 8-week season. Consistent groups make the league better.

*No Tryout necessary, just sign up. We evaluate and balance teams in Weeks 1 & 2

*Fee does not include the NIKE Jersey which is a ONE-TIME separate purchase through our a NIKE Team Store.  Jersey can be reused for future Growth Leagues & AAU teams as players advance.  (this is a new process for our returning players as we improve the quality of our service and of our gear)

*NO REFUNDS or CREDITS for missed sessions. We believe in family time and multi-sport athletes, so it's ok if you miss, but you are claiming a spot that cannot be resold.

G-League Program - 1 SESSION                                                             $50   

*No guarantee to add sessions later if it fills to capacity.

GL PRO Membership Package - 8 WEEK LEAGUE                                $320

*Early Bird PRO Membership Package                                                     $300


*Membership Package discounts are only offered at the time of initial purchase.  No retro package discounts after you've attended and then added sessions later.  


To view specific GL times and to Register, click the link for your age/skill group

SPRING PRO Coach Growth League - 1st/2nd grades

>Morning: INFO / REGISTER         

SPRING PRO Coach Growth League - 3rd/4th grades

>Morning: INFO / REGISTER         

SPRING PRO Coach Growth League - 5th/6th grades

>Morning: INFO / REGISTER         

SPRING PRO Coach Growth League - 7th/8th grades

>Morning: INFO / REGISTER         

SPRING PRO Coach Growth League AFTERNOON - 4th-6th grades

>Afternoon:INFO / REGISTER

*If this program is full and registration is closed, you may join our Free Agent list.  We have slots that open most weeks and will contact you with a choice to join a team as a Free Agent for that week.  Use this link to JOIN OUR FREE AGENT LIST


PRO Coach Team Training: Being on a team of 10-12 players who are all at a similar development level is fantastic.  It's even better when you have a PRO Coach.  For this program players join the team for 6-8 weeks, meeting 1x/wk. They make friends and get close with their coach.  The program mirrors an actual team practice with skill development followed by scrimmage games. The skill development is focused on learning a new Emphasis Skill each week.  The only thing we skip is going to play other opponents but scrimmage games are very intense and offer a productive learning environment.  To experience a great practice with your peers, led by great coaches, is a special experience, super fun and super engaging. They won't want to leave! 

SPRING PC Team Training: 2nd-4th - SCHEDULE / REGISTER

SPRING PC Team Training: 5th-8th - SCHEDULE / REGISTER

PRO Coach Small Group Training (SGT): There is an increased benefit to being in a small group of only 6-8 players and your own Pro Coach.  We offer seasonal sessions of SGT outlined below at our facility. You may also form your own group and we will organize a time together.  SGT groups will be formed in Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced levels and follow an intensive development plan based on the USA Olympics development protocols

*SGT pages are not live yet




Private Training: 1:1 Pro Coach Training 

Email to schedule PT

Basketball Summer Camp:  This camp is highly successful at building confidence and passion for the game of basketball through excellent skill development, team culture, game understanding and court awareness. Click HEREfor more information.

Program 3: PLAYER HEALTH (physical / mental / emotional / parental)

Injury Prevention & Peak Performance Partner - TRUSALUS:  Overuse injuries are an epidemic in youth sports today.  The mission of TRUSALUS is to be an educational and habit development management tool so that families are not only informed but also guided in this area.  Set up your free web app TRUathletes account at and begin educating your family through the Performance Education section in your dashboard.  Select Bald Eagle Sports Camps as your club partner for added perks.

Mental, Emotional & Parental Health Partner - The POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE:  The PCA offers extensive resources on how to help athletes make the most of themselves by understanding proven methods of success taught by the top athletes in the world, and how to handle the mental game of sports by lessons in premier sports psychology beliefs.  Visit for more.


Should their passion and skills grow, we have Bald Eagle Ballers AAU Elite Program available for advancement.  These are tryout-only teams, one for each age group of Boys 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th.  We've had girls teams in the past and if you have a group of girls who want to form a team we may be able to accommodate so contact us.  These teams run in the Fall and Spring with tryouts preceding each season.  Email for tryout information.

Daily Programming

Click the CAMP INFO link below for more details...

Camp Info

TBD by Program



BALD EAGLE BASKETBALL CLUB mirrors how European Programs approach Player Development.  We provide a ramp for any level player to develop the skills necessary to become an elite player.  We separate players at every event as best as we can into Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced groups so that proper competition levels are reached at all times regardless of their age. We establish player matchups and incorporate various rules as needed to enhance team play, inclusion and balanced competition. Top players may "play up", and brand new players may "play down" all in an effort to create maximum development, confidence and passion for the game. 

BALD EAGLE BASKETBALL CLUB was founded by "Coach Bob" McFarlane, a local basketball leader who has coached players from Kindergarten to Professional Leagues.  Coach Bob is a CCS Championship High School Varsity Head Coach and PCA Development Zone Leadership Fellow.  Leading the charge with Coach Bob is co-founder Ernest Hui who is a local legendary youth sports coach with a passion for character development and sportsmanship.  Both founders preside on youth league and various organization boards that oversee large-scale community development.


Membership Package Discounts

Food and Drinks
Food and Drinks

Not included. 

Bring Daily 

1. Water bottle

2. Your own BALL

3. BEBC reversible jersey


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Coach Bob is the Founder & CEO of Bald Eagle Sports Camps. He has taught Special Ed and PE since 1995, currently at Los Altos HS. Coach Bob has over 25 years coaching experience from youth to collegiate, is a Certified Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer and holds two Credentials along with a Masters in Special Education.  Coach Bob is a Co-Founder of TRUSALUS, a tech platform specializing in peak performance and injury recovery in youth athletes.  Lastly, he has served for nearly 2 decades as a Board Member of the largest youth recreation league in the region, Foothill Youth Basketball. 

As the previous Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Los Altos High School, Coach Bob led the Eagles to 2 SCVAL titles ('13,'14) and the schools first ever Central Coast Section Championship (2015). Bald Eagle Camps has been profiled in PCA's books and Coach Bob was named by PCA as a Development Zone Leadership Fellow.  Coach Bob believes children should have a place to feel encouraged, included, cared for, safe from bullying, free from negativity and expected to have as much fun as possible. At the same time, children need direction on how to be their best person in every given moment.

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Great energy, great message, great programming, great coaching, and great facilities.

Professionally trained and Positive Coaching Alliance Certified High School & College coaches lead all sessions.

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