Foster Child Donation Program

Meet Bald Eagle half way! Bless a foster child who cannot afford to go to camp by donating towards the costs.  100% of your proceeds go towards the camp week and transportation getting them there!

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Who Came Up With The Idea:

A pair of high school students who have been working at Bald Eagle Camps for the past three years now approached the Founder, stating “we have grown up around the camp, with each of us attending as campers since we were in elementary school. As we began to mature further into high school, we realized how fortunate the current campers, and us in the past, were by having the opportunity to attend a quality summer camp like that of Bald Eagle.”

Their Goal:

Generally, the Bay Area is considered an affluent area, with parents having the finances to send their kids to a summer camp. However, we began to see that even at Los Altos High School where we attend, there was a hidden gap from both wealth and social inequalities. To address this problem in our community, the vision of this scholarship fund was to increase the demographic of campers. The team found that aiding foster kids would be a strong step in our goal. As a result, the scholarship program was started to give aid to foster families by providing an enriching and accessible summer camp experience that would bring a positive energy into their lives. From all the conflicts that foster kids, the foster organizations, and others involved in the adoption process endure, the prospect of foster children attending a program like Bald Eagle Camps is not often a first thought. Though being involved in an activity over the summer may seem insignificant, this camp has made an impact on our lives. It was here we met each other and forged the strong bonds that we share today. As a group, we’ve also taken to heart the messages being taught here, learning how the morals of athletics can be applied to life as well. Because of this, we wished to provide a similar impact to give foster kids the opportunity to attend this quality summer camp, hopefully brightening their lives in some way.

How You Can Help:

Several coaches have already donated portions or all of their salaries to help put resources into this scholarship program. We hope that you are willing to make a tax deductible donation through the given link, established through our partner Help One Child, a local organization that is well established and a respected organization helping foster kids in the area. For more information about Help One Child, click the following link:  All money donated would be exclusively used for the scholarship program.

Additionally, Bald Eagle Sports Camps has committed to waive 50% of every camp registration fee for these scholarship recipients, thereby allowing the fund to send far more foster children to camp.

In the future, our team is looking to expand this program to further bridge the gap caused from the hidden social and wealth inequalities by developing a system where all low income or burdened families can be served, theoretically even attending other camps known for their positive impact and quality reputation.

What Makes Us Different:

The variety of factors that separates Bald Eagle Sports Camp from neighboring programs include the following: there is a low camper to coach ratio, leading to each camper’s individual needs being met. The kids are given lots of attention and encouragement, in contrast to larger summer camps. The coaches are also extremely qualified, all going through an extensive interview process. Most of all, the camp is “one-of-a-kind” from its sponsorship through the PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance). From this, campers are exposed to the program’s lessons and morals, that often make a significant impact on not only their experience in sports, but in life.


Daily Programming

Foster children will get to choose from any of our camp offerings and any location.  See individual camp pages for details.

Camp Info

Anyone can donate...coaches, parents, campers.  Foster children receiving scholarships to camp will have been qualified as being deserving by Help One Child, a non-profit foster child service organization.


The benefit of sending a foster child to a camp that will uplift, encourage and fill them with love and confidence in themselves is immeasurable.  Read the inspirational story of our coaches who attended our camp as children and wanted the extensive camp benefits to be received by those less fortunate!


Foster children selected by Help One Child will receive a full scholarship to camp covering all camp fees, as well as transportation and Extended Care if needed. 

Food and Drinks
Food and Drinks

Lunch, snacks and drinks are all included.


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Coach Bob is the Founder & CEO of Bald Eagle Sports Camps. He has taught Special Ed and PE since 1995, currently at Los Altos HS. Coach Bob has over 25 years coaching experience from youth to collegiate, is a Certified Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer and holds two Credentials along with a Masters in Special Education.  Coach Bob is a Co-Founder of TRUSALUS, a tech platform specializing in peak performance and injury recovery in youth athletes.  Lastly, he has served for nearly 2 decades as a Board Member of the largest youth recreation league in the region, Foothill Youth Basketball. 

As the previous Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Los Altos High School, Coach Bob led the Eagles to 2 SCVAL titles ('13,'14) and the schools first ever Central Coast Section Championship (2015). Bald Eagle Camps has been profiled in PCA's books and Coach Bob was named by PCA as a Development Zone Leadership Fellow.  Coach Bob believes children should have a place to feel encouraged, included, cared for, safe from bullying, free from negativity and expected to have as much fun as possible. At the same time, children need direction on how to be their best person in every given moment.

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What could be a bigger highlight than making a difference in a childs life who has clearly struggled without the stability and consistent love of their parental figures.  Imagine your children feeling all alone without a sense of security.  One campers description of our camp was that "it feels like a second home".  We at Bald Eagle want to give foster children an "anchor" in a world that must seem very unstable.

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