Summer Sports Leadership Camp

Summer Camp is OPEN for 2021!  We are super PUMPED!!  Some sessions already FULL!

Out of Season



An UPDATED (post June 15th) note from our founder...

It’s been a long, grueling process of contemplating safety and strategy to make sure we can effectively execute a first class summer camp amidst the many challenges at hand.  Through careful consideration we have come up with a completely revamped Bald Eagle Sports Camp program for the summer of 2021!

New guidelines were released by the CDC saying that unvaccinated children do not need to wear masks outdoors in summer camps or while playing sports.  It is recommended to wear them for indoor activities.  There is some speculation or flexibility to differentiate rigorous vs distanced non-active movement indoors.  Vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks at all.  Although 95% of our camp activities are outdoors and indoor spaces are well ventilated, please send your child with a mask daily to be used as regulations dictate.

This will be the new policy we follow for campers, coaches and parents coming on campus to pick up their kids.  If you are not comfortable with this policy please let your child know that you want them to wear their mask at all times or as you deem appropriate. Obviously we will be respectful of and support everyone's personal preferences while we adhere to CDC guidelines. 

Here is an article to support this change if you need it.  The title of the article does NOT do a good job communicating what the message of the article is when you read it.

Looks like it's time for kids to run and play like the days of old!  I'm excited for them!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Go Bald!

Coach Bob

Founder & CEO


Our Sports Leadership Camp concept is "built for the big kids"!  The return from COVID forced us to REVAMP this entire camp program since historically it is laden with tangible leadership experiences working with younger campers.  Obviously that format isn't possible this year, but we see challenges as an opportunity to grow so we got CREATIVE!  This year Sports Leadership campers will get to take TWO fun Field Trips each week!  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday they will be on campus in our highly engaging team sports activities and leadership development programming.  On Tuesdays campers will be taken by professional shuttle service to a Santa Cruz area beach for an AMAZING team and leadership laden day of fun in the sun. On Thursdays they will take that same shuttle to Great America where the team will stay together all day and enjoy everything the famous theme park has to offer, including the South Bay Shores Water Park located inside the gates.  All groups will be supervised by their usual weekly coaches and an additional Director level staff member.


Incoming 6th-8th graders don't want to be at the little kids camp any more.  They are longing for more choices, more responsibility, more flexibility, deeper interactions and exciting opportunities to take charge of their day.  They want to learn leadership skills through hands-on experiences, not lectures.  They still enjoy playing camp games, but are transitioning from "recess games". They want to engage in challenging, intense, well organized and competitive game activities. Our non-traditional Sports Camp games are the perfect fit as they include and motivate the "not-so-athletic" but also challenge the gifted athlete! 

Bald Eagle couples our unique games with a hands-on curriculum of leadership experiences and choices that the pre-teen is starving for.  We are confident that "leadership through a sports experience" is a powerful tool to prepare children for adulthood.  With a different leadership theme each week that instigates new discussions and obstacles, incoming 6th-8th graders can get a refreshed experience even if they attend every session or come for multiple summers.

The Sports Leadership Camp is also a lead-in experience for those campers looking to transition into a coach at Bald Eagle once they've aged out of our camp (entering 9th grade).  For youth entering 9th & 10th grade, we offer the premier leadership volunteer experience in the Bay Area called the Coach In Training Program (CIT).

Daily Programming

It's hard to fathom sometimes, frightening in fact, that our incoming 6th-8th grader is on the "cliff of adulthood". Regardless of the emotions that dwells in the parent, is your child ready for that leap?  Countless life-threatening situations that mandate sound decision making skills are just around the corner.  It's important that they are fully prepared, and the days of telling or doing it for them are long gone.  Sadly, at the time when they need to listen the most to their parents, part of their transition to adulthood involves not being as "attuned" to the voice of mom & dad.  It's in this pre-teen period where parents need to associate their child with quality peer mentors or mentors who are worth looking up to, and Bald Eagle provides the best role-models around with hand-picked, certified Positive Coaches (see our PCA page). 

More than ever before preteens need a compass, a guideline, a clear picture of what it means to be a successful teenager and adult. They can get that picture here at Bald Eagle Camps, framing a clear target on how they can be their best in every area of their life.  Please watch the videos on this page of the Sports Leadership campers being interviewed.

The Sports Leadership Camp is designed to be highly active and fun, not a lecture based venue.  Campers make choices about what they want to do throughout the day from a menu of activity choices.  They are given duties/responsibilities to manage daily with their fellow Sports Leadership campers and offered opportunities to create or lead different events across the camp day.  Each sports event is an opportunity for them to enhance their leadership skills and social development in a positive environment with exceptional peer models.  It's powerful.  

Incoming 6th-8th graders need something more than the traditional options that are out there for their age group such as sport specific camps or academically focused summer choices.  The reality is they are aging-out of a lot of things, but that makes this transition that much more important.  Bald Eagle is addressing that need. Pre-Teens thrive when allowed more freedom, opportunity, choice & inclusion with the coaching staff. We offer all of this value and depth of programming wrapped in a highly active, hands on & super fun summer camp sports experience. 

Does your 6th-8th grader have a "Team Captain Mentality"?  They are more apt to make good decisions in all aspects of life if they do. Every youth, no matter where they are on the spectrum of being ready to be a leader can benefit dramatically from our popular Sports Leadership Camp concept.

Click the CAMP INFO link below for RATES and CAMP DETAILS...

Camp Info


*Each Session is 1 week long. You may sign up for one week or several.

**Week of 6/28 was Full, but is now OPEN. We expanded all services and added bandwidth.  6/28 is open again for the moment.

  • Los Altos - Blach Middle School
    • Offered 4 consecutive weeks, 6/28-7/23, 2021


  • Drop off window               8:45am - 9:00am (8:30am ok on Day 1 Mondays)
  • Camp (Mon-Thu)              9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Camp (Fridays)               9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Pick up (Mon-Thu)            3:00pm - 3:15pm
  • Pick up (Fridays)              12:00-12:15pm 


  • UPDATE: We are now able to offer Unlimited Extended Care only.  Space is limited.  EC is 7:30am-6:00pm.  Particularly valuable on Fridays when camp ends at 12:00 noon.  Cost is only $140.  We expect Daily EC to happen as restrictions are loosening.

2021 RATES



  • STANDARD FULL: $699/wk
  • MULTI 4 WEEKS: $665/wk, 
  • MULTI 4 WKS EARLY BIRD $645/wk

10% SIBLING DISCOUNT DURING REGISTRATION -Don't worry, it's all automated!  You do need to register each child separately, but the Sibling Discount will be tracked automatically and deducted for each subsequent child.  Siblings must be registered for same weeks at same location to qualify.



  • Every camper gets a Bald Eagle Camps T-shirt, Water Bottle & Draw String Backpack.  
  • Full Day, Half Day, Daily Rates & Extended Care options available
  • Every new Bald Eagle parent gets a copy of PCA Founder Jim Thompsons book, The Second Goal Parent.
  • Several camp options on each campus, for varying age ranges, so parents have a 1-Stop solution to summer. Camps for Multi-SportsBasketball*Leadership Sports or CIT Programare all offered on 1 campus
  • Unique professional programming built for every level of athleticism that creates the passion and confidence to lead an active life

*Basketball has been cancelled for this year due to COVID


  • Go Bald Early Reg Discount (ends April 4th)
  • Go Bald All Summer Package Discounts
  • Unlimited Extended Care Package
  • 10% Sibling Discount Including Extended Care Fees - Register kids separately, Discount will be tracked and deducted automatically.
  • Referral Program offers $25 off to brand new familiesreferred to BE, and $10 credit for referring family. Must follow process on our Referral Program page to get the discount/credit. 


  • Brand new families referred by an existing BE family via Referral Program process receives $25 off their first registration
  • Referring Family gets $10 Bald Eagle credit
  • MUST follow this Referral Program process. Must bebrand newto BE website and programs. Cannot process retrospectively. Email with issues.


  • 10% off each additional registration - Register kids separately, Discount will be tracked and deducted automatically
  • Must be for same dates and location


NO CHANGE FEES!!  Bald Eagle families can make changes from one week to the next, change location, or switch children at camp much as they would like with absolutely NO FEE.  Whatever it is you need to change, we are here to serve you!


Bald Eagle families can cancel any summer camp registration, at any location, free of charge up until May 1st.  Beyond May 1st, until 2 weeks prior to the start of camp, families have the following options....

1.  Cancel your registration and receive a full refund to your credit card, minus a 20% cancellation fee.

2.  Cancel your registration and receive a full credit to your Bald Eagle Account, minus a 5% cancellation fee.  Credits do not expire and can be used for any future event, at any location, year round. 

**Within 2 weeks of camp we reserve the right to only offer Option #2, particularly if a camp has been full and registration closed prior to your cancellation.  We will do what we can to fill your spot and if successful we will also offer you Option #1, but there are no guarantees.

**Obviously, if a camp session cancels full refunds will be issued immediately in the same manner payment was made


Contact or call 888-505-BALD

Food and Drinks
Food and Drinks

    • Due to COVID restrictions, campers will need to bring their own snacks and lunch each day for 2021 :(
    • Lunch will not be provided for the Field Trip days.  
      • Tue Beach Day: Campers should pack a lunch
      • Thu Great America Day: Campers should bring money to buy lunch in the park. 
    • Our camp is a "Nut Free" environment.  We ask all parents to refrain from bringing nut filled items but they do show up at times. If your child has a nut allergy please indicate that on your registration and supply the Site Director with the necessary emergency items.
    • Water bottle is provided but bring your own full water bottle on day one.  Please bring filled water bottle each day of camp. Hydration is important and coolers of water will be designated for each team, but we want to minimize fill ups at the water station.  Water stations will be all across campus and sanitized regularly.


Img 1539 picmonkeyed

Coach Bob is the Founder & CEO of Bald Eagle Sports Camps. He has taught Special Ed and PE since 1995, currently at Los Altos HS. Coach Bob has over 25 years coaching experience from youth to collegiate, is a Certified Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer and holds two Credentials along with a Masters in Special Education.  In his 4 years as the Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Los Altos High School he led the Eagles to 2 SCVAL titles ('13,'14) and the schools first ever Central Coast Section Championship (2015). Recently named by PCA as a Development Zone Leadership Fellow, Coach Bob believes children should have a place to feel encouraged, included, cared for, safe from bullying, free from negativity and expected to have as much fun as possible. At the same time, children need direction on how to be their best person in every given moment.

View all our coaches


  • Every member of the Bald Eagle staff is a PCA Certified Double Goal Coach
  • Sports Leadership Campers get to decide their own games schedule, lead their peers and design segments of camp.
  • Sports Leadership Campers get a whistle and lanyard included, so they can officiate the Coaches Games!
  • NEW for 2021! - Shaded Ga-Ga Ball Pit*
  • NEW for 2021! - Ultimate Bouncy House Obstacle Course
  • NEW for 2021! - Expanded Fun Zone with brand new Air Hockey & Foosball Tables!
  • Unlimited Extended Care package
  • Movement Training AND FunFIT workout each week.
  • Talks by guest speakers, including college/pro coaches & athletes.
  • Value that goes beyond a week of camp – 12 months of PCA parenting resources
  • Campers learn "sticky" life application tools that help them maintain a positive outlook in any environment, on or off the court.
  • COVID MODIFICATION (for Free Choice) SLIGHT LIMITATION TO TEAM CHOICES: Unique GO ZONEFree Choice Period every afternoon: We’ve found that kids love getting to choose their activity with camp friends they love to be with. A wide variety of structured activities to participate in such as water games, our patented “ultimate” games, do arts/crafts, standard traditional sports, play Air Hockey/Ping Pong/Foosball in the Fun Zone, or a myriad of choices based on the size of the location.  Our huge Los Altos site has more than 15 stations to pick from!!  Because we run several camps on one location, we can give them what their hearts desire, great choices!  Our GO ZONE offers them the choice of several different stations across the campus for two extended periods every afternoon. Stations are structured and coach led so you won't find kids wandering around and being neglected or bullied like other free-choice camps have issues with.  Bald Eagle does Free Choice RIGHT! 
  • Also see BENEFITS list on this page for more!

*LA site only for 2021

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